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While we're serious about our business, but we also have a lighter more personal side. Our employees enjoy many hobbies and they have a good sense of humor. Please enjoy the lighter side of Russell Gay & Associates.



Begin with the End in Mind.
Put 1st things 1st.
Think win/win!
Seek 1st to understand, then to be understood.
Success is never final - Failure is never fatal.
Courage is what counts.
Be a No Limit person.
Attitude is the key to Success.
Life is Hard - Accept it and transcend beyond it.
There is free cheese in a mousetrap, but have you ever seen a happy mouse in a mouse trap?
Everywhere I hang my hat may not be home, but any place I can do business is my office.
Prosperity conceals. Adversity reveals genius.
Tell them what you want to tell them, then tell them what you told them.
A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows where to go.
People say money is not important, but everyone wants to find out for themselves.
Don’t share problems:  80% don’t care and 20% are glad it’s you.
Empty pockets never stopped anyone,

empty hearts and empty minds will.
To have things others don’t, you must be willing to do today things others won’t do, so you can have tomorrow the things that others don’t.
If you’re the smartest one in your group, you need to get a new group.
People form habits. Habits form futures.
Keep the main things the main thing.
Life is a fight for territory. Once you stop fighting for what you want,

what you don’t want will automatically take over.
You don’t get in life what you want, You get what you are.
Provide more service than you get paid for.
Life’s been good to me, Hope it’s been kind to you.

Stand strong in the storms of life.

Don’t let people or things distract you.

Scenes from Wake Forest



  1. How You Think is Everything. “Think positive” at every opportunity. Visualize success, not failure. Avoid negative environments and people.

  2. Decide on Your Dreams and Goals. Be specific about your goals. Create a plan to reach your goals and stick to it.

  3. Take Action. Goals alone have no meaning; you need to take action to make them real. Don’t let fear hold you back. “Just do it.”

  4. Never Stop Learning. Take classes, go back to school, read books, join discussion groups. Keep acquiring new skills.

  5. Be Persistent and Work Hard. You’ve probably heard the expression, “success is a marathon, not a sprint." Keep your eye on the goal. Don’t give up.

  6. Learn to Analyze Details. Get all the acts and ask for input.  This will help you make wiser decisions. Acknowledge your mistakes, but don’t beat yourself up.  Learn from your mistakes.

  7. Focus Your Time and Money. When you believe in something, put your attention and energy there. Don’t let people or things distract you.

  8. Don’t Be Afraid to Innovate; Be Different. Be true to yourself and have your own ideas. Following the crowd is a path to mediocrity.

  9. Communicate with People Effectively. Remember that no person is an island. Communicate your thoughts and desires honestly, and encourage others to communicate honestly with you. Practice understanding and motivating other people.

  10. Be Honest and Dependable; Take Responsibility for What You Do. Never cheat or lie. When you make a promise, keep it. When you make a mistake, admit it. Without honesty, dependability, and responsibility, the nine secrets of success don’t add up to much.

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